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The  Dr. Edna Rowery Allen's 2023 Scholarship Application  iS NOW OPEN!

Dr. Edna Rowery Allen

Scholarship Foundation 

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The Dr. Edna R. Allen Scholarship Foundation believes that every student deserves a chance to go to college. We believe that the community plays a vital role in educating tomorrow’s leaders in order for them to leave a lasting legacy. Everything we do is grounded in our beliefs and core values – God, family, education, self-determination, and leadership. These values are our inspiration and serve as the framework to help us achieve our mission.

Candid Portrait of a beautiful multiethn
portrait of african american male gradua


Our mission is dedicated to empowering students to attain a college degree and to equip them with the necessary resources, tools, and opportunities to achieve academic and life excellence. 

Dr. Edna Allen Scholarship Fund

C/O Mr. Robert H. Allen Jr. 

1712 Old Park Lane

Bellville, IL 62226

Text or Call


(312) 909-9552

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