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Dr. Edna Rowery Allen Scholarship Foundation


Section I - Personal Information 

Section II - Guardian/ Parental Information

Section III - High School and Academics 

Are you currently Graduating Senior?

Section IV - Activities

Section V - College Information

Section VI - Documentation Upload

Upload Transcript
Upload College Acceptance Letter
Upload Essay
Upload Recommendation Letter

Essay Topic
Documentation Upload  -  Submit a 300-word personal essay introducing yourself,  career goals and/or interests, and how you've shown leadership in your school, and orr community. Share any challenges that you may have faced and how you worked to overcome them, and describe the impact that a college degree would have on you. Essays must be typed and double-spaced. Microsoft Word documents and/or PDF files are accepted.

* If unable upload your essay, please email it to

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* If you have difficulties uploading documents, please email them directly to email



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